All You Need to Know About Google’s Three Strike Policy Ad System

Ad accounts that would undergo repeated violations as strikes would be removed by Google’s newly launched three-strike policy. Let’s learn what these strikes are and how to refrain from them.

Google’s three-strike policy system is yet to come into action and advertisers are already surprised. Google has launched this system to achieve fair suspensions of those accounts which violate the rules with advanced checks and balances.

Violation Categories

Violations that will trigger the strike and will lead to consequences include enabling dishonest behavior, dangerous products or services, and unapproved substances. This includes supplements and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, any link to spyware, drugs, or the hacking community could also lead you to strike. Before this, on phishing or misrepresentation, Google was already removing and suspending accounts.

All You Need to Know About Google's Three Strike Policy Ad System

How will the strike system work?

After violating a certain niche as mentioned earlier, you will get disapproval that will stand as a warning. It means that your account will not be suspended. But the offending Ads will be put down by Google unless their copy is not changed by the advertiser. When you continue violating the terms, you will enter the strike system.

Strike one

Within 90 days of receiving your original warning, if you continue violating the regulations proposed by Google Ads, your account will be suspended temporarily for three days. After three days, the account will be running back again normally. However, the offender Ad will be removed.

Strike two

A second strike is entered when the advertiser keeps violating the terms within 90 days of the first strike. For this strike, the account will again be disabled but for a longer time i.e. seven days. An acknowledgment form will be sent to you which will be required to be filled apart from making necessary corrections to the offender Ad.

Strike three

If an advertiser keeps repeating to violate the terms and conditions, their account will go into suspension permanently by Google. This stands as the strict penalty for the violation made.

One thing to note is that strikes will occur for violating the same policy again and again. This strike system by Google Ads is going to start by September 1 as a pilot and early feedback is expected by Google.


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