Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing is the New ‘Game Changer’ for SME’s

Every time you launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android, new ads are waiting for you. Potentially, these ads are meant for you, curated by the social media platform for your personal preferences. Moreover, you’re terribly mistaken if you think this is a coincidence. The system is exclusive to Instagram and all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. However, there are a series of questions that might come to your head – How is this possible? How does Instagram know what I want? All of it has to do with artificial intelligence working under the underhood, and SMEs take advantage of it to precisely target ads.

Integrating artificial intelligence with the social media platform opens up a wide range of possibilities that can be used by small and medium enterprises for their own good. The social media platforms have bestowed you with the required tools, and a business can use them to differentiate and categorize its target audience. Artificial intelligence can automate tedious tasks and provide a business with only the required data and information. Hence, artificial intelligence reduces cost, saves time, and serves as a neat tool for SMEs to thrive.

As of current trends, estimates from Market and Markets coin, that the “AI for social media” market will grow from $633 million in 2018 to more than $2.1 billion by 2023. SMEs do not have the required budget to mass market their product or service, and social media is a precise way to generate leads based on user information. This is one of the reasons why survival or success or smaller businesses depend on social media. There are several ways through which artificial intelligence works in social media.

Artificial Intelligence in social media marketing uses machine learning to curate user information. SMEs can use the information to launch ads based on that information, which appears in your feeds and stories. Social media’s boom has proved to be a ‘game changer’ for small and medium enterprises. Besides accumulating relevant data from potential customers, businesses can also create content that will allow them to engage with their audience. This relevancy and precision allow SMEs to stand out and generate leads. Businesses can also use AI-generated information to improve customer experience and related services. You can better satisfy a customer that you know.

Furthermore, AI in social media also helps you gather ample data on a business’s competitors. You can compare and analyze their information and devise appropriate marketing strategies for your products and services. In addition, social media insights allow you to understand better the marketing strategies that you have implemented. The insights will guide you on how you are performing what needs to be changed to boost sales.

All in all, artificial intelligence in social media marketing does play an important role. From deciding what to launch to shipping the products to your customers, artificial intelligence holds the ground to be a helpful tool for SMEs.


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