Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts to listen to in 2021

Most people usually have a go-to podcast since they are an excellent way to go about your business as you listen, making them perfect for multitasking. In today’s digital age, finding the best and most informative podcast in business and marketing can be an added advantage in understanding the latest trends in marketing. However, with numerous podcasts online, one can feel slightly confused on how to go about identifying the most informative and suitable podcast that speaks directly to your specific marketing and business needs.

Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts to listen to in 2021

Ace the gram podcast

Among the leading platforms for marketers in social media is Instagram, a powerful marketing tool used correctly and effectively. This podcast was created by Instagram experts Viv Conway and Tasha Meys to help businesses of all sizes take advantage of this platform to create brand awareness and build the much-desired traction. The podcast has gained attention in significant countries worldwide due to its ability to address the importance of the platform as a business and personal tool.

Their ability to work with all types of organizations has made them effective in training people to use the social platforms and have their workshops and online courses designed to help marketers achieve online marketing success.

Influencer Entrepreneurs

The podcast usually focuses on helping people transform their side business into a lucrative business hosted by a self-made entrepreneur, Jenny Melrose. Besides being a content strategist and business coach, Jenny also trains online influencers to pitch brands. Despite focusing on influencers who usually use social media to build their brand, she covers a vast range of topics that range from how to increase your productivity online to boost your income as an influencer. In addition, her podcast offers specific personalized solutions for your business to take advantage of Social media marketing strategies.

Instagram marketing secrets

This popular podcast is hosted by Derek Videll, specializing in offering the trade secrets of using Instagram as an effective marketing tool in lead acquisition. His earlier Instagram training institution, commonly known as IGM University, made it possible for the entrepreneur to share his expertise in sales and marketing. However, his primary focus is to help people in business evolve with the times and take up social media as an efficient and effective marketing tool to expand a company’s reach more than traditional marketing.

Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts to listen to in 2021

He covers a wide range of topics: turning a profit on social media, why TikTok is threatening Instagram marketing, and many other secrets to social media marketing. Derek also provides businesses that hope to use Instagram in their marketing strategy by shining a light on critical areas such as click funnels and how to increase social-based conversion rates, among others.

Many digital marketing podcasts touch on various social media platforms great for marketing but knowing the most informative and effective one is key to enhancing your reach in the digital marketing space. Therefore, it is essential to conduct an in-depth analysis of the various social platforms perfect for marketing since it will help you narrow down to just a handful of podcasts in your area of focus.

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