EU Data Privacy Fine Faced by Amazon for Illegal User Data

The giant retailer Amazon has been filed a lawsuit by the European Union privacy agency as the company has been alleged to hold illegal user activity as per Amazon’s quarterly earnings report.

For the record, the fine that is charged to Amazon is the biggest one to be fined under Europe’s data protection law ever. Not only has Amazon being a technological giant has been fined, as, before this, Google was also fined €50 million which was the biggest to date. Back in November 202, it was reported from the EU agency that Amazon is using non-public data for competing concerns. The law which is allegedly broken by Amazon is of data privacy. After Luxembourg National Commission for Data Protection (CNDP) issued its decision against Amazon Europe, the official lawsuit began. According to CNDP, Amazon is using personal processing data illegally and is not adapting to the regulations set by the EU.

Data Privacy Fine Faced by Amazon for Illegal User Data

How did Amazon respond to the allegation made on its user data activity?

Amazon, on the other hand, is rejecting the accusation and says that the fine is being charged completely out of proportion as per its statement given to The Wall Street Journal. Moreover, Amazon says that it does everything in its hand to protect the security of its users and customers. No data breach and no exposing has been made at their end and that the allegations are undisputed. Amazon further said that the interpretations are made subjectively, and also are not tested.

It is reported that Amazon will be appealing the decision of the EU. However, we all know that this issue will take its time to get resolved.

What are other issues faced by Amazon currently?

Not only is Amazon being fined for breaking data privacy regulations made by the European Union privacy agency but also is facing an issue of safety inspections. It has been reported by CNBC that many Amazon drivers have claimed that their U.S.-based managers order them to avoid reporting the issues of their vans.

Apart from this, they added that they were asked to bypass inspections regularly. Just like in the mentioned lawsuit against the retailer, Amazon, this time, has again declined its drivers’ accusations which make the suspicion increase for the famous company, making everyone’s eyes set on Amazon’s next move.

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