How To Deal With Lazy Employees At Work?

Written by – Ali Jaffar Zia

As managers, we all deal with lazy employees. This article will give you suggestions on how to deal with lazy employees.

First, we must determine if the employee’s behavior is ‘fake lazy’ or if being sluggish and slow is the employee’s personality. This determination will help us define a strategy for dealing with it. 

This article will talk about the lazy employees at their roots and who can’t help it. 

How To Deal With Lazy Employees At Work?

Attributes of a Lazy Employee

If you carefully look into the following attributes, lazy employees can be pointed out. 

They are behind their targets.

A lazy employee will be behind his weekly or monthly assigned goals. They will have an excuse for why they lacked behind. The conversation will focus on the universe trying to slow them down and not them doing the work. 

The body language

Body language says many things only if you can learn this language. The body language of a lazy employee will be slow and sluggish. You could quickly tell that the employee is not interested in what he is down. Lazy employees also zone out into their world while working o their stations. 

How to deal with lazy employees?

Now the question arises again, what to do with such employees. There are two things you can do as a manager. 

  • Fire them
  • Fix them 

Firing them is the easy way out and will cost you as you will have to hire a replacement. Fixing them might not be easy, but it will help you make these employees your future asset. 

How to fix lazy Employees?

How to fix lazy Employees?

Get ready to be patient yet strict. This process might take time. Here are the activities you need to perform to fix the attitude of lazy employees.

  • Become extra accountable with them. Instead of weekly, ask for daily reports.
  • Change their seats. Bring them closer to their manager so they feel like being observed.
  • Make their everyday job enjoyable.
  • Try adding short breaks to their work schedule.
  • Add an incentive to their salary for meeting targets.
  • Talk to them more often, be more communicative with them.
  • Take their input and make them feel valued at work.

Applying all or some of these would surely change your lazy employees.

If all of these don’t bring any change in them, I guess the best conclusion is that you had hired the wrong person, and it’s time to replace them for good. 

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