Instagram No Longer a Photo Sharing App?

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Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app says its owner, Adam Mosseri. The owner posted a video on his Twitter and Instagram account explaining that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. The company is looking forward to entertainment and videos after seeing the success of its competitors like YouTube and Tiktok which are growing its users tremendously. The owner described some of the changes that Instagram is going to go through showing users recommendations for topics they are not following. Instagram is going to shift to videos, entertainment, and shopping. Petapixel noted that this shift would be theoretically more like how YouTube manages its homepage showing mixed stuff and similar searches. It is because of the statement of its owner Mosseri, who says that Instagram is specifically challenging its competitors, mainly Tiktok and YouTube. Mosseri said in the coming days Instagram is going to experiment with recommendations starting to share content to the users even from the accounts they are not following based on the topic they are interested in Mosseri Said. He said Instagram goal’s is to provide videos more broadly beyond its IGTV, story highlights, and reels. Moreover, an addition has been done in the form of experimental algorithms in the Instagram feed. Just recently, Instagram also announced that now the users will be able to monetize their audience (Learn how to monetize Instagram). Coming back towards the owner’s message, which was inherently intended to communicate as well as clarify to the people that Instagram is taking innovational strategies. In his video message, Mosseri talked about the shift towards e-commerce since the rise of the pandemic, justifying the shopping trends being recently launched by Instagram.

Instagram No Longer a Photo Sharing App

The message from the owner is quite clear, in terms of context, for Instagram not wanting to only be tagged as a photo-sharing application or social media. It wants to broaden its horizon of entertaining people through other modes of entertainment. Moreover, the competitors were posing a threat to Instagram considering their prominence and popularity. It was high time that Instagram took such action. Now everyone’s eyes are on Instagram’s execution of their announced launches. Let’s see what we get on the plate!



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