Optimize your website for relevant keywords, not keyword volume. Here’s why!

SEO allows for optimization of websites that results in better ranking in search result pages (SERPs). A significant part of SEO success is dependent on the ability to discover, research, analyze and select relevant search engine keywords for your website. For achieving search engine optimization, it is vital to determine what is that you are optimizing for. This entails identifying terms people are searching for known as “keywords.”

Optimize your website for relevant keywords, not keyword volume. Here’s why!

Keyword optimization also termed keyword research, can be put forth to select the best keywords that will drive quality traffic to your website. Keyword research, in fact, is so significant for both organic and paid search that a failure to select relevant target keywords could result in all the research efforts being of no vain.

Google’s understanding of the search queries is getting better, resulting in the search volume for an individual keyword becoming almost redundant. The SEO hence should be built around relevant topics or keywords to be able to get more traffic. We need to move away from the obsolete mindset of focusing on searching for a specific keyword and generating more traffic for your page through that keyword, as the keyword volume can often be deceptive. The high popularity of a keyword does not necessarily translate into clicks, and at times, words less popular can generate great search traffic.

In addition to this, a term might be frequently looked up, but that does not make it relevant to your potential prospects. Hence, the focus should be on producing quality content through relevant keywords. Specific quality keywords can help drive your search engine rankings by creating content pertinent to your intended audience.

To complete the “search and reward” cycle, it is important to choose keywords relevant to the offerings on your website. This keyword relevance would allow potential prospects to be converted into customers as they seek relevance. Identifying specific and relevant keyword phrases is extremely crucial to create a connection between the content on the website and the search query.

As stated in an article by WordStream, Google is used every day to conduct more than three billion searches. Majority of the people in the U.S. research on the web before making any purchase decisions. Opting for more visibility and traffic should be the ultimate goal which can be achieved by optimizing your site through relevant keyword phrases and quality content.



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