Pinterest Announces New Partnership with LiveRamp

Pinterest Announces New Partnership with LiveRamp on Data Clean Rooms for Ad Targeting – The internet advertising sector has used cookies as a measuring tool for years. However, marketers must change along with changing customer behavior. We are thus exploring innovative approaches to maintain our customers’ performance while lowering dependence on identifying data as the market shifts away from collecting third-party cookies.

We regularly invest in innovative products that enable advertisers to link their first-party data to their consumers’ Pinterest activity—and currently testing the next significant advancement in secure data solutions.

We’re introducing a new collaboration with LiveRamp today to test clean rooms with a few particular advertising partners. To promote the Albertsons Media Collective, we will use the grocery chain Albertsons as our first advertisement.

The secure setting, effective measurement

Brands like Albertsons can link their first-party data with Pinterest platform data in a safe environment thanks to Pinterest’s integration with LiveRamp. The clean room protects data privacy and offers compiled analysis of ad performance. The enhanced privacy measures provided by the neutral clean room environment allow neither party’s personally identifiable sales and campaign data to be seen by the other.

The Albertsons Media Collective, their retail media network, will get closed-loop reporting due to this continuing partnership between Albertsons and Pinterest (RMN). The team begins by rolling out a winter healthy eating campaign and tracking critical indicators like return on ad expenditure (ROAS).

“Albertsons Media Collective places a high focus on data protection. By using clean rooms, we can give our customers the information they need to make wise advertising judgments while protecting their privacy. Therefore we’re thrilled to trial this new clean room project with a reliable partner. At the same time, the goal of our initial test pilot is to enable closed-loop measurement. This collaboration will eventually give our team a more comprehensive understanding of our customers’ digital footprints. Enabling the future unlocking more sophisticated measurement capabilities like incrementality and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA).”

— Kristi Argyilan, SVP, Albertsons Media Collective, Retail Media

Collaborating with networks of retail media

Since 2018, we have been steadily expanding our RMN relationships and collaborating. Beginning with retail media networks (RMNs), which often need specialized alternatives to report campaign performance on a specific, brand-by-brand basis, is how we will proceed. Many of the biggest RMNs in the market assist companies in customizing their advertising for Pinterest users.

Putting privacy first

By combining the requirement to preserve Pinner privacy with assisting in ensuring advertiser performance, clean rooms expand our approach to ad privacy. In LiveRamp’s data collaboration environment, parties may further restrict how their data can be viewed, merged, queried, or shared. By using additional programmable privacy restrictions, such as aggregation thresholds.

“Meeting both the stringent privacy demands of media owners like Pinterest and the sophisticated analytics. Requirements of merchants like Albertsons present an intriguing opportunity. Our ability to accomplish this is made possible by LiveRamp’s interoperable data collaboration platform. By which maximizes data value without sacrificing quality. We anticipate further innovation with industry pioneers like Pinterest and Albertsons. To support the future of data measurement and cooperation with privacy-safety.”

LiveRamp’s SVP of Product, Kimberly Bloomston


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