The Technical Do’s of Social Media Marketing Trends this year; 2022

Insights on Social Media Marketing Trends

Undoubtedly, social media has proved to be beneficial for marketers as well as customers. For technical and social developments, the social media managers are intend to bring innovations. By bringing the latest trends in social media marketing. This year, certainly, has proved to be a change for social media in terms of usage. And shift towards online marketing. This has made evident when a 10% increase YOY usage resulted in 3.96 billion users by last year’s July. However, by April 2021, the number of active users has snowballed again to as many as 4.33 billion. Keeping social media audiences engaged has been one of the biggest concerns of social media marketers this year.

The Organic Side

What is important in social media marketing is forming a relationship of trust and loyalty with your customers. Which prove to be a hard task as research shows people not believing advertisements to be truthful by 75%. 635 social media users consider consumer ratings to be at the number 1 ranking. And 70% of consumers rely on the opinions of customers. Keeping in view these statistics, social media managers and marketers are putting their earnest efforts. Into building trust with the customers as well as enhanced customer experience.

Neal Schaffer, president of PDCA Social highlights;

“The new normal requires every company to put extreme importance on all things digital marketing. While search and email are two major components of digital marketing that could done in-house. Social media is both the most popular activity people do online as well as the most challenging for businesses. This is because companies still look at social media as a promotional and advertising channel rather than as a grand arena to collaborate with social media users, primarily customers and influencers, and work them through a relationship funnel to incite word-of-mouth marketing for your brand in social media.”

People-first Social Media
The social media algorithm works on the deliverance of desired and relevant content to its users. Two-way communication is very essential for boosting your organic posts on social media. Likes, comments and, share are require to ensure that the community is fully engage in your content. What the users want is diversification, which is give to them through innovational changes in social media strategies; take the example of TikTok in preaching diverse user-generated content.  


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