These New Mobile Phone Technologies Are Shaping the Industry in 2021

The one thing that isn’t steady in the industry is technology. While advancements prevail, mobile technologies have a major role in shaping the present and the future. Futuristic approach aside, mobile technologies in 2021 enhance user productivity, bolstering businesses and boosting utility. Since competition is at its peak and will be for the time to come, numerous mobile technologies are shaping the industry in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence was in its initial phases a few years back, and it has picked up pace recently. Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Google, and Samsung have contributed to artificial intelligence in mobile platforms. These companies have embedded AI in their respective SoC and can be handled offline. From autonomous driving to building robots in mega factories, AI is proving as a worthy addition. It plays a major role in automizing the tasks, suggesting programs for users based on their preferences, and much more. Moreover, combined with virtual reality or mixed reality, AI is opening new doors of interfacing. Apple introduced a LiDAR scanner in its latest iPhone 12 Pro models, which allows for faster and improved depth-mapping. Conjoined with AI, the App Store is filled with possibilities how the technology and can be used.

Last year, 5G was introduced to the world, and it has been gradually being accepted as the standard for data transfer speeds. It comes with great ease, right in the palm of your hand, with smartphone manufacturers greatly taking advantage of the new connectivity. It will allow customers and businesses to connect with high data transfer, low latency, and enhanced use capacity. High-end gaming titles can be played at higher refresh rates. Cloud-based tasks are handled with minimal latency, allowing continuity to boost across different devices and platforms.

Companies like Apple are innovators, introducing products and services that are used by the masses. Seemingly, mobile payment systems have shaped how we used banking and money transfer. For example, you can use Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay for the goods you buy or even send money to your kids studying abroad. The technology allows for contactless payment methods in retail locations, proving a worthy method during the ongoing health crises. Customers now have a direct means of interaction with businesses right from their couch in the living room.

Health and fitness play a major role in almost everyone’s lives. All thanks to the latest and upcoming mobile technologies, the apparatus to measure different and varying dynamics of your health are now available right on your wrist. While the Apple Watch is a decade ahead of the competition, you can measure your heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood glucose level, and much more in a jiffy. Patients can connect to their doctor any time of the day, share their private health and fitness history from the cloud, and seek medical attention easily. Moreover, smartwatches feature a plethora of sensors that measure your fitness routine. The Apple Watch now also has the ability to measure a person’s ECG, which is a pretty big deal.

While there are many, these are some of the most important mobile phone technologies shaping the industry. Each mobile company is launching its own set of technologies to better the industry and users. However, these technologies are being upgraded as we speak to offer increased accuracy and seamless operations.


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