TikTok Announces New Programming and In-App Features for Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. To commemorate the event, TikTok has announced several activations to highlight some of the best Native American artists on the platform. At the same time, they are providing new tools for users to participate in the celebrations.
First off, TikTok has introduced a new area inside the app where it may showcase its event content.

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“Starting this week, you can visit our in-app #NativeTikTok hub to participate in our Native American Heritage Month programming, which will include films from the diverse diaspora of our Native and Indigenous artist community. We will promote creatives and content throughout the month, celebrating Native American art, custom, and tribal legacy.

TikTok has also announced a lineup of themed live broadcasts for this month. With producers like @lennybeadhandzz and @lakotalighting, they will highlight Native American customs and heritage.

A Native American Heritage Month music playlist will be featured on TikTok, including a diverse range of Native musicians. New creative features and tools will encourage users to participate and support Native American communities.

For all social platforms, strengthening relationships with underrepresented groups is essential. These platforms even can highlight these group teams to hundreds of thousands of people through their applications.

As a result, Native American Heritage Month offers TikTok a fresh opportunity to emphasize its support while raising awareness among many more people.

Beyond the app itself, it’s a fantastic opportunity for users to listen in and learn more about a particular culture, which may help to foster understanding and community.

Every day on TikTok, Indigenous producers foster community and promote happiness by showcasing traditions, dispelling prejudices, and educating others via song, dance, and cuisine. We highlight artists who share their culture, customs, and creativity with their community on TikTok during Native American Heritage Month and throughout the year to honour our vibrant and creative Indigenous community.
We’re asking the whole TikTok community to join us in November as we launch some exciting activities in honour of Native American Heritage Month as we celebrate our #NativeFamily.

Programming of hashtags and in-app creative effects

You can start experiencing our Native American Heritage Month programming this week by visiting our in-app #NativeTikTok hub. This will highlight films from the diaspora of our Native and Indigenous artist community. We will highlight noteworthy content producers and works celebrating Native American art and tribal history throughout the month.


The makers @lennybeadhandzz, who will present a LIVE about Native Beadwork on Monday, 11/7, and @lakotalighting, who will be narrating about Native customs on Monday, 11/21, are among the incredible roster of themed LIVEs we have planned for this month. We’ll also release a playlist of Native musicians from various genres in honour of Native American Heritage Month.

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Artists to Watch

Here are a few of our #NativeTikTok artists that share their culture with the TikTok community via cuisine, music, and more.

  • @beadsbycheydesigns: Growing up, Cheyenne [she/her] performed as a jingle dancer at powwows and other Native ceremonies every weekend. Her ancestry is Lumbee on her mother’s side and Shoshone-Bannock on her father’s. She enjoys teaching others how to make beads to celebrate her heritage and help pass her culture and tradition to future generations. She is currently a college student majoring in microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics.
  • @kararoselles: Afro-Indigenous creator, model, and writer Kara Roselle Smith [she/her] use her platform to normalize unlearning and to pursue justice for the Black and Indigenous communities, including her tribe, the Chappaquiddick Wampanoag.
  • @lakotalightning: Chante Reddest is a Siangu Lakota storyteller who shares Native American mythology via content on TikTok. He instructs his disciples on the history of his forefathers and tells tales of his village.
  • @lilino.e: Elisa [she/her] is a Hawaiian and Siangu Lakota content creator on TikTok who shares information about her intersexuality and honors her native Hawaii in her content.
  • @storytellingwithem: Imlay [she/her] is an Afro-Indigenous Taino artist from the island of Boriken, which is now Puerto Rico. She shares historical content and information about her career as a children’s entertainer. She promotes awareness of the natural history of the Caribbean islands by correcting it. The historical record and assisting people who have lost touch with their Native roots.

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On TikTok, celebrate the #NativeFamily.

Join us as we celebrate our thriving #NativeFamily of Indigenous creators who share their traditions and individual experiences year-round. As proud members of Indigenous communities through music, art, design, dance, and oral storytelling.
Follow @TikTokCreators to see creator spotlights throughout the month and discover the significance of our #NativeTikTok community.

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