Post-Pandemic Technology Trends For Businesses in Pakistan

COVID 19, the pandemic struck the planet towards the end of 2019, spreading globally in less than six months and affecting every country. The epidemic has touched everything and everyone’s lives in some way. Meanwhile, the pandemic has had an impact on technology developments, especially in Asia.

Some fascinating topics have arisen as corporations explore innovative technological ways to combat the COVID problem. According to a Boston Consulting Group research, 25 percent of new digital solutions deal with detection and containment, 20 percent with healthcare provider enablement, and another 21 percent with economic resilience. Furthermore, roughly a third of these use cases were worldwide, demonstrating the pandemic response’s collaborative and interconnected character.

Notably, some of the most intriguing solutions discovered due to this study found new and unanticipated uses for existing technology.

Pakistan’s PTA realized it would have to go outside the box to combat the virus. The PTA requested Telco operators to play coronavirus awareness messages and preventative measures as a caller tune instead of the regular ringtone in early March when the country had less than 50 confirmed cases.

People who called received a 30-second warning on stopping the virus from spreading and contact information for healthcare centers. This basic approach used low-cost technology to reach millions of people who carry a phone in their pocket, including the country’s 26% illiterate population.

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During the pandemic, e-commerce took on new significance as customers stayed home to combat the virus’s spread. The possibility to combine virtual reality technology with internet purchasing to replicate the brick-and-mortar browsing experience arose at this time. Lifestyles in 360, located in the United States, has collaborated with Whole Foods to provide grocery shopping to some regions of the country over the internet. Whole Foods online storefronts featured comprehensive functionality, including dynamic pricing and product selection, in this developing “V-Commerce” solution, making online shopping more enticing for individuals who prefer the in-person experience.

Like every significant struggle in human history, this epidemic has brought forth the best human creativity and invention and will continue to do so. One common thread emerges from each of these fascinating new technologies: effectiveness may not be quantifiable, but casting a wide net is more likely to provide beneficial technological applications.

We should continue to think imaginatively about how technology might be used for economic, medicinal, and social purposes today and in the future. Such thinking will not only aid in the present fight against COVID-19, but it may also aid in the prevention of future problems.

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