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An Intelligent integration platform, SnapLogic has revealed through its study that 81% of the employees reported that AI features at the workplace nourish their decision-making and productivity.

To improve the quality of the workplace operations, business technology is working day and night to explore and experiment with ways such as automation, machine learning, and big data. Artificial Intelligence is paving our way to the future to correct human errors by enhancing efficiency at the workplace. The study by SnapLogic also revealed that 68% of employees wanted more recent AI operations at their offices. Artificial Intelligence can support humans in almost half of their total job operations, consequently increasing work performance.

AI Enhances Work Performance

In what ways can AI support employees at the workplace?

Intelligence can support humans in three major ways which are moving data, accessing data as well as analyzing it. Moving huge and important data from one place to another is not every human’s cup of tea. Moreover, residing in different business places, accessing data is helped largely by AI tools. Analyzing the new trends and techniques of work operations is also very important assisted by the growing market of Artificial Intelligence.

Other Research Results

  • As far as improvement in decision-making processes and accelerated time-to-insights is concerned, 49% of employees consider that it can be achieved better through AI.
  • 51% of the employees were of the view that AI not only enhances their productivity but also helps them to achieve a work-life balance.
  • 45% of the employees have been using AI-driven applications to carry out their work operations, finding it convenient.

In recent years, there was concern among office workers that AI would drive job losses, but employee opinions seem to have changed. The more they’ve been exposed to AI and see it in action, the more they’ve realized how much it can assist them with their daily work,” said Craig Stewart, CTO at SnapLogic. “As AI is increasingly used to make better decisions and rack up productivity gains, they’ve gone from tentatively accepting to fully embracing AI. The fact that they are now calling on their leaders to accelerate AI technology adoption in the enterprise is a real sea-change.”

AI has become the present as well as future Human Resources management tool nullifying human bias with already ripe benefits. Stop waiting and start using the most recent AI-intensive tools in your business today!

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